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Contact Restarting America

If you are a business owner or manager, head of a nonprofit organization, or any other type of community leader, and you’d like us to interview you about your experience rebuilding in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, send us an email at

Restarting America features business owners and community leaders who talk about their experiences during the spread of COVID-19. Our podcast stories are detailed and filled with concrete examples from leaders of businesses or organizations.

Additionally, we are searching specifically for business owners—or organization leaders—who own or manage an institution that was operating before COVID-19 came about. The organization should still be functioning, although business operations may have been altered to fit changing circumstances. 

Here are some real stories from our show. We’ve interviewed a toy store owner who was deployed to the Indiana National Guard to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. We’ve also interviewed a co-founder of a nonprofit. We are continually seeking community leaders who have intriguing and compelling stories. 

If you feel that your story aligns with what we are looking for contact us.

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