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Restarting America | Nicole Price

Planning a Virtual Festival during a Pandemic: The Breathing Festival’s Co-Founder Nicole Pric‪e‬

In this episode of Restarting America, Jeremy Greenberg from 97 Switch interviews Nicole Price, the Co-Founder of The Breathing Festival and the International Center for Breathwork. Throughout the interview, they discuss the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on business and society. Price shares how the current health pandemic has affected her companies and how she is adapting to new circumstances.

Price has a colorful and diverse background in meetings and events. A Chicago native and veteran of the events world, she’s done pretty much everything surrounding events from sales, fundraising, and negotiation to planning, logistics, and onsite management in a variety of industries including medical, not-for-profit, restaurants, corporate consulting, and dot-com.

After learning to heal years of ongoing stomach problems through breathwork and emotional intelligence training, Price shifted her career focus from meetings in the traditional medical world to the holistic wellness arena and also became certified by Dan Brulé as a breathwork practitioner.

Price’s passion for bringing people together through events is powered by her deepest yearning—to connect. The Breathing Festival and International Center for Breathwork, where people learn to tap into the power and connection we all have through our breath, are a natural evolution in her career following her decade long networking event series, Around Chicago LIVE!. 

Price now brings connecting people to a global level in which everyone can participate, become stronger, focused, and more powerful, simply by using what we already have inside of us.

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