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Restarting America | Kimberly Diaz

Driving Inclusivity in the Workplace during a Dual Pandemic: OneTILT’s Kimberly Diaz

In this episode of Restarting America, Josh Gibbs from 97 Switch interviews Kimberly Díaz, a co-founder and CEO of oneTILT, a nonprofit that focuses on making organizations more inclusive. Throughout the interview, they discuss the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on business and society. Díaz shares how the current health pandemic has affected oneTILT and how they are adapting to new circumstances.

Díaz is a proud multi-racial Latina. She started oneTILT after a decade of nonprofit management and teaching experience because she felt like she could not bring her true self to work. She holds an MBA from UVA Darden School of Business, a M.A.T. in Mathematics from American University, and a BA in Economics from the University of Virginia. Díaz also served as a founding board member of New Leaders Council – Virginia, a nonprofit committed to recruiting and developing the next generation of progressive leaders. She loves her dog Mango, the Yankees, and all things Celia Cruz.

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