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Restarting America | David Eisenberg And Alexander Loftus

Fighting Legal Battles During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Loftus and Eisenberg, Ltd

In this episode of Restarting America, Josh Gibbs from 97 Switch interviews David Eisenberg and Alexander Loftus, two attorneys who founded Loftus & Eisenberg, Ltd. Throughout the interview, they discuss the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on business and society. They both share how the current health pandemic has affected their business and how they are adapting to new circumstances.

Loftus & Eisenberg, Ltd are experienced Chicago business litigation attorneys who work on alternative fee arrangements for all litigation matters. Unlike most firms whose fee arrangements are based solely on hours, their alternative fee arrangements can take the form of a flat fee, a fixed monthly retainer, a partial contingency fee, or pure contingency in which no attorney fees are paid unless we recover money. The firm customizes and personalizes its representation and fee structure to suit each client’s goals. 

Loftus is a business and class action attorney. He has resolved a wide range of significant cases through mediation, arbitration, and trial across all sectors of commercial litigation, including breach of contract, fraud, professional malpractice, business divorce, and shareholder disputes. Loftus specializes in litigating business, intellectual property, commercial, employment, and class action cases and is passionate about fighting for the little guy in failed business transactions.

Eisenberg is a business litigator. He focuses his practice across all facets of commercial litigation. He takes a personal approach to his practice, going beyond simply connecting with clients and understanding their struggles and goals, to taking on their problems as his own and fighting for them as he would for himself or his family.

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